Percipient Property Solutions Cape Town


Property Management

As we could find no-one in the marketplace that could quite meet our expectations we decided to “do it ourselves” and set up our own property management division to manage our own portfolio. We subsequently expanded this to offer top rate property management services to third parties who comprise inter alia:

  • Bodies Corporate
  • Home Owners' Associations
  • Estate Managers
  • Industrial, residential and commercial property owners.

The fundamentals that we strive for are simple:

  • Good communication between owners/managers/trustees/tenants and ourselves;
  • Managing the cash flow and accounting process and getting informative reports out correctly and on time;
  • Managing the invoicing of debtors and following up delinquent payers timeously;
  • Managing the payments to creditors;
  • Dealing with suppliers, contractors and employees in a professional manner and paying close attention to detail with thorough paper trails and proper care and diligence.

In short – we like to look after other people’s assets as if they were our own.

We use the SageOne Property Management System and the Portfolio Administrator enjoys strong support from our service team comprising the Accountant, Project Manager, Risk Manager and Directors.